...from the planning stage to the event night, dealing with Rich & Shannon Schur at Schur Success was a delightful and rewarding experience. With the help of Schur Success Auction Services, (our organization) doubled its profits from the previous fundraiser. Their efforts convinced our Board of Directors of the value of a professional auctioneer for our future charity functions.

Jen C.
Operations Coordinator

This year we made more money than we have ever made, and, perhaps more importantly, we had the most fun! Attendees said they LOVED coming!

Becky H.
Winterfest Auction Chair

... not only were they entertaining, they helped us raise much more money than we had anticipated.

Steffen M.
Auction Committee

...a full-service operation offering fundraising and event coordination tips as well as advice on how to stay calm for your big day! They are fun, funny and always available to help solve whatever crisis comes your way. I won't ever do an auction without them.

Amy A.
Executive Director

Sold! on your services. Thanks for all your help at this event!

Judi L.

We were thrilled to have your support...Bottom line: it was a blast! Schur Success Auctions has to be involved again next year!

Lynnzy M.
Executive Director

Our fundraising experience with Schur Success grew beyond our expectations from start to finish.  I was impressed with the time their team invested in meeting and planning with us pre-event, they were meticulously prepared, calm and confident on event day. That they were open and willing to accommodate the special customs that make our event unique was refreshing and much appreciated.  The on-stage dynamic between Rich and Shannon was both entertaining and effective as a variation to the traditional live auction, and their enthusiastic auction spotters also did a wonderful job of encouraging bidding and moving the evening along.  Much to my surprise, our post-event experience with Schur was equally as rewarding.  The team took time to address our feedback and clearly have a genuine interest in helping organizations improve their events year after year.  We’re thrilled to have a vendor of this caliber in the Front Range area, and would recommend to other organizations that partnering with Schur is one of the best investments they could make in their next auction fundraiser.

K. Pappas
Development Manager

Schur Success Benefit Auctions

Schur Success Benefit Auctions has been creating profitable auction events for more than 25 years, serving both the fundraising and business communities. We PAY FOR OURSELVES long before we ever call a bid.

If you’re looking to:

  • Make more MONEY
  • Have more FUN
  • Work SMARTER
  • ENTERTAIN your guests, and
  • ENERGIZE your event

Then you need to call us now! We work with many of our clients for a full year before their events to ensure they have a Schur Success.

Schur Success Benefit Auctions is here to help you and your organization MAKE MONEY. We do this by partnering with you and your team, and looking for each and every possible way to generate revenues through your live, silent, and on-line auctions.

We deliver Benefit Auction Excellence through our team of trained Auctioneers, Bid-spotters, Benefit Advisors, and through our partnerships and affiliations with other vendors and providers. We are a FULL SERVICE Benefit Auction Company! Of course, this is all included in your investment.

We’re among the first in the nation to earn the coveted BAS designation, or Benefit Auction Specialist, through the National Auctioneers Association. This means we have the most current, advanced training in the industry, and we use our knowledge to help you grow your revenues.

The 7 Secrets

Do you want your event to MAKE MONEY? Do your constituents want to HAVE FUN? Would it be fantastic if your guests RAVE about your event? Would CONTINUOUS SUCCESS be amazing to have?

The Ultimate Success of your Fundraising Event depends upon these 7 key elements to all come together in harmony.

​Right People
There are KEY people that MUST be invited to every event to increase your revenues

Right Stuff
Auctions are about BUYING. The right number, variety, and quality of things to sell is essential

Right Venue
Having the right location and the right amenities available will make your event seamless, fun, and profitable!

Right Agenda
The timeline for your event, including when your event is held, can make or break your success

Right Volunteers
Your people make the difference, Having the right volunteers and staff, doing the right things, is essential

Right Marketing
What you say, how you say it, who you say it to, and when you say it, dramatically impacts your bottom line

Right Professional Benefit Auction Team
You’re not in this alone. Schur Success Benefit Auctions is in the business of helping you succeed. We are dedicated, professional experts who become part of your team, connect with your mission, and help you create an event that’s a Schur Success. You’ll MAKE MONEY, MAKE FRIENDS and leave a POSITIVE LASTING IMPRESSION with your supporters.  To learn more about how a Professional, Certified Fund Raising Auctioneer can help you create a Schur Success fundraising event, click here for a free, no obligation initial consultation.

Auction Success

How does Schur Success Benefit Auctions add to your bottom line?

We’re not hit & run bid callers, who show up the night of your event, and then leave. We commit to your mission, team, and your success. Hiring us doesn’t cost you anything – it pays. Having Professional, Certified Fundraising Auction professionals as part of your team will lead to Schur Success after Schur Success.


We start with a FREE, NO OBLIGATION assessment of your mission, goals, and objectives. We’ll review where you’re at, and where you need to go, and we’ll let you know how and why we can help you.  When you reach the decision to bring us aboard, we’ll work with your executive director, auction committee chair, and volunteer team leaders to ensure that our expertise becomes part of the planning process. We’ll help you reach the RIGHT goals to be successful.

We’ll bring ideas, concepts, and actions to the table that will lead to much higher revenues and increased guest satisfaction.


We show up early to make sure things are set up well. We’ll conduct sound checks and we’ll help direct your volunteers. We will be there to represent you and your mission. We’re part of your team.

We can perform as emcee’s for the evening, including announcements and introductions. We can give leadership and direction to your volunteers for the silent auction, and encourage your guests to bid.

When the live auction event starts, we’ll take the stage and provide you with Entertainment, Energy, Excitement, and most importantly, we’ll conduct an auction that leaves no money on the table. This is where the teamwork and planning all pays off.


Just because the auction ends, doesn’t mean we’re done. We’ll stay to make sure your guests are thanked. We’ll be there to answer questions.  But we’re still not done.

Included in our services is a post-event debriefing. We will work with your team to look at what worked well, and what changes could have a positive impact on future events. With volunteers and committee leaders constantly changing, we are your key to continuity year after year.

We want to be partners with you. We want you to benefit from our years of training and experience.  We’re not only THE experts. We are YOUR experts.

To learn more about how a Professional, Certified Fund Raising Auctioneer can help you create a Schur Success fundraising event, click here for a free, no obligation initial consultation.

Benefit Auctioneers

Auctioneers come in all shapes and sizes, with a wide variety of experiences. However, using an auctioneer who sells cattle for a living may not be the best choice to conduct a fundraising auction. There’s a big distinction between benefit auctions and commercial or estate auctions. Commercial auctions are all about speed. Time is money.

Benefit auctions are about 2 things – Entertainment and Building Support. A Certified Benefit Auctioneer Specialist (BAS), knows the ins and outs of converting fundraising guests into organizational supporters. We are the first auctioneers in Colorado to earn the coveted BAS designation, and we have years of experience in creating profitable, entertaining, and memorable benefit events.

We not only have certified Benefit Auctioneers, but we have experienced and trained bid-spotters, with skills uniquely suited for benefit auctions. We have benefit advisors on staff to help you with the planning process from start to finish. We have talented staff to act as your Emcee or hosts. We have the people, the training, and the experience to make your next benefit auction event a Schur Success.

Personal Property Appraisals

We provide Valuation Services and USPAP-Compliant Appraisal Services for Assets

Need to know what it's worth? Whether you need a value for insurance, to settle an estate, or any other reason, we can help. 

Value is always relative to other factors. The most important question that leads to value is "why do you want to know?"

The value for your insurance company to replace items might be very different than the value if you're just thinking about selling the asset. The IRS has it's own requirements and definitions of value. Divorce courts have theirs too. And what about the value of something used as collateral? That will have a different value too. 

Our team of Graduate and Master Appraisers will guide you through the complex variables involved to arrive at a well-researched value opinion. Values that we can justify and defend. All of our reports are USPAP* Compliant. In fact, we teach USPAP across the country. 

Need to know what it's worth? Call us, we can help you figure it out. 

  • Household and Estate Appraisals
  • Small Business Appraisals
  • Machinery and Equipment Appraisals
  • Decorative and Collectable Arts
  • ...Regardless of your needs, we can help. 

Our Appraisers have completed training and earned the Graduate Personal Property Appraiser (GPPA) designation through the National Auctioneers Association (NAA). This is a hands-on course requiring our appraisers to complete a variety of asset valuations while under the supervision of master appraisers. Our Appraisers have all taken and passed a USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practices) course and examination. To earn their designations, they had to complete a variety of appraisals and submit them for peer review. 

Our lead appraiser, Rich Schur, has not only completed the GPPA program, but he has been awarded his Master Personal Property Appraiser (MPPA) designation in recognition of his skills. In fact, he is one of only 2 Auctioneer/Appraisers to teach the GPPA course to appraisers across the country. He also has earned his Certified Machinery and Equipment Appraiser (CMEA) designation. He is the only appraiser to earn both the CMEA and the MPPA designations. 

If you want to rely on your final appraisal, and rest assured that it will stand up to scrutiny, make sure your appraiser is 100% USPAP compliant. Though not required by law, it is required by many government agencies including the IRS, insurance companies, financial institutions, and others require compliance. USPAP is the rulebook by which all appraisers shield be practicing their trade. 

Our GPPA and MPPA appraisers are recognized professionals and strive to deliver the most accurate appraisals possible. 

Our CMEA Appraisers are certified by the Nebb Institute.

We subscribe to the principles of the "Code of Ethics & Competency” Appraiser Awareness Program is to protect the public from unsubstantiated or questionable machinery and equipment appraisals. Our seal serves to alert the public to the documentation we know is necessary to prove that an appraiser is competent. This assures an appraisal will be substantiated, accurate, irrefutable, defensible, and will withstand scrutiny.

If a machinery and equipment appraiser doesn’t meet these standards, your best option is to continue to look for an appraiser that does!

Do You Need An Equipment Appraisal?

If you can answer “YES” to any of the following business situations, you absolutely need an independent third party appraisal. Do you need an appraisal for...?

  • Partnership
  • Buy/Sell Agreement
  • Estate Plannings
  • 1031 Exchanges
  • Gifting
  • Trust Agreements
  • Litigation
  • Tax Purposes
  • Business Valuations
  • Dissolution
  • Financing
  • SBA Loans
  • Insurable Value
  • Property Taxes
  • Retirement Planning 
  • Cost Segregation
  • Sarbanes/Oxley

Benefit & Charity Auctions

Helping Non-Profits raise funds through Consulting, Auction-Related Services and Events

Businesses have been hosting auctions for years as a solid tool for generating revenue. More recently, Successful fundraising leaders have also learned to tap into this incredibly powerful tool – the Benefit & Fundraising Auction.

Although some organizations have had limited success in hosting their own auction events, the use of professional, experienced auctioneers has significantly increased because the right auctioneer can help you produce a FUN, PROFITABLE EVENT, which helps SELL YOUR MISSION.

Auctions are not about “selling stuff”. Benefit auctions are about creating a memorable event that helps your constituents and supporters bond with your mission, have an enjoyable time while doing it, and open their hearts and wallets to support your cause. You can supplement your fundraising through both Silent and Live auctions. Many organizations have found that their Annual Auction has become their signature fundraising event for the year.

You too can be successful, if you follow the 7 Key Secrets to success, and if you partner with professional auctioneers who specialize in benefit and fundraising, like Schur Success Benefit Auctioneers.

OUR PHONE LINES ARE DOWN - Please call 866-290-2243 if you need to reach us.

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Thinking of Selling?

The United Country Difference . . .

Why sell your property with United Country Real Estate? Simple. No one can locate buyers better, bringing to bear more than 90 years of marketing experience, to get you the best price in the shortest time possible.
To sell property in the country, you need more than a “For Sale” sign and a local newspaper ad. Buyers have a harder time finding your property. That’s why you need the benefit of United Country’s professionalism and exclusive, proven marketing tools. We expose your property locally, regionally, nationally (and even internationally) from the first day.

  • United Country’s network of 3,500 targeted, owned websites with 3 million+ visitors from over 150 countries per month.
  • Top-ranked websites that achieve page one results of many popular searches.
  • Advertising on over 200 selective 3rd party top real estate websites.
  • Mobile App marketing brings your listing to the iPhone and all other mobile platforms.
  • Advertising in our exclusive national real estate catalogs (approximately 1 million readers).
  • Advertising of local listings in over 65 national magazines and over 100 newspapers.
  • Automated marketing to potential buyers (We have the largest opt-in buyer database in the industry with nearly 600,000 leads.)
  • Advanced Social Media Marketing for your property.
  • Professional “virtual fliers” automatically produced and emailed to prospective buyers.
  • “Just Listed” and “Just Sold” postcard and fliers to promote your property.

Leverage the largest integrated traditional and auction real estate network.

United Country specializes and is organized to serve its clients in over 20 core market segments or property types, including: small city and town residential and commercial, ranches, farms, timberland, land, resort, vacation, second home, mountain, coastal, vineyard, recreational, horse, hunting and fishing, waterfront, ski, golf and other “lifestyle” properties.

We love helping our clients

Don't Have An Inside Track? It's Time To Consult A Professional . . .

Are you about to take one of the most important steps of a lifetime, the selection and purchase of some kind of real estate? If you are like thousands of others, you are seeking something in the country or in a small town. You see, more and more Americans are moving to small towns or in the country to establish a lifestyle away from the big city or suburbs. 

If you have decided to make this move, finding what you want might appear impossible. But this decision doesn’t have to be overwhelming, so if you don’t have an inside track about what’s for sale and where, it is time to consult a professional. What’s the first thing to do? Find free real estate publications that have properties in the areas where you want to buy. Or, use the internet to select the area and type of properties you are interested in. This will also guide you in finding a licensed real estate professional that can assist you in finding a property quickly and efficiently. 

Remember, many small town or country real estate companies serve a large surrounding area. Once you have selected a realty professional, discuss with him/her the type of property that is suitable for your needs. To do this, you must ask yourself some questions:

  • Is my family still growing?
  • What are their needs?
  • Are schools a factor?
  • Do I want minimum grounds upkeep? Maybe just a garden?
  • Do I plan to own horses or several animals?
  • Do I need to be within commuting distance of a certain town for job possibilities?
  • Am I a fixer-upper, or a total zilch with a hammer?
  • Will I be using it as a second home?
  • Will I keep the property to use for retirement or as investment?
  • What is most important about the lifestyle I want to accomplish?
  • Next, provide information to the salesperson about what you can afford. This way, he/she has the tools to assist you, including how much a bank may lend you, and on what basis it is calculated. Once a price range is established, the salesperson will have the information to help you find the right property within your guidelines.
  • As you inspect properties, your salesperson will get a real sense of what you like or dislike.
  • Sometimes it takes a few trips to various properties for you to establish the parameters that are appropriate for you and your family. In a sense, you are establishing a relationship with your realty expert that will help both of you in this exciting time.
  • Once you are ready to make an offer, your realty professional will act as an intermediary between you and the seller. He/she will help negotiate price, down payment, contingencies, closing dates and anything else needed to bring the sale to a satisfactory conclusion. Select an agent that will be your guide, your diplomat, and your trusted advisor, as you pursue your property ownership objectives.

Real Estate Services

We're here to serve YOU! Professional Colorado Licensed Brokers, as well as Auctioneers and Appraisers!

The Schur Success Team isn't one of the mega-offices with hundreds and hundreds of listings. Their goals are to have as many listings as possible. Well, we're different. If you have a home, ranch, mountain property, log cabin, or anything else that needs to be sold, our goal isn't to have the most listings. Our goal is to sell your property. We work with you. We want to establish a relationship with you. We don't subscribe to the "most listings win" theory. We subscribe to the theory that we need to earn your praise and referral. We measure our success not on the volume we sell, but on the recommendations you give to your friends. As a buyer, we'll take the time to work with you, find the properties that best meet your needs, and guide you through the complicated real estate transaction process. First and foremost, we listen. We listen to your needs and your wants. We listen to your concerns and your fears. Then we will search for not only what you're looking for, but whenever possible, reasonable alternatives to help you make sure you're making a good decision for you.

If you're looking to sell, just call us. Though we're based in northern El Paso County, we are experts at ranch, farm, mountain, golf course, vacation, and all types of Colorado Lifestyle homes. We've sold across the state. If we aren't the right fit for you and your property, we have affiliates across the state, the country, and in fact, several other countries too. Trying to move to Colorado (and who can blame you?), call us first - we can not only help you sell your place here or elsewhere, but we can help you buy just about anywhere too.

On the other hand, if you're thinking of moving to Colorado, well then you found the right folks. Buyers typically don't even pay a penny for our services (the sellers usually do), so you'll not only get our personal, professional real estate services, but you'll probabbly get our services for free. Ask us for details and what a "buyer's agent" can do for you here in Colorado.

We LOVE The Colorado Rocky Mountain lifestyle, being close to Denver and Colorado Springs and near Pikes Peak

We have a mix of folks here - native Coloradans and those who couldn't wait to get here. Being at the steps to Pikes Peak and ann the glory that is Colorado, we simply love being here. If you're into the outdoors, we have it all: horses, biking, hiking, skiing, snowshoeing, climbing, kayaking, white-water rafter... you name it, it cab be found here.

We are surrounded by log cabins, and mountain retreats. By large, open farms and ranches, beautiful neighborhoods, stately mountains, bold rivers and quiet streams. Whether you want to live off-grid in a sustainable manner, or enjoy the urban and suburban feel, we can help you find what you want. We provide real estate services to clients, not zip codes. Tell us what you're looking for and we'll help you find it.

We are based in Monument, Colorado, which is a unique town of 6,800 situated on the Rampart Range in northwest El Paso County. It is bordered by National Forest land to the west and the United States Air Force Academy to the south. Monument sits at an elevation of 7,135 feet and has an interstate in town with fast access to Colorado Springs and Denver. Our town is named for Monument Creek and the beautiful rock formations on the west side of the city.

This is a great place to call home. We'd be happy to brag about it to you, and send you some great information about the area and the many benefits of living here.


We are award-winning, champion, and Hall of Fame Master Auctioneers. That's right - we can do that "yabba-dabba-do" thing. It means we can help you sell your property or the stuff that's on or in your property, making us a one-stop shop if you're ready to move. Ask us about selling your real estate at auction. It's not for everyone or every property, but when the right factors are present, auctions are a tremendous way to achieve true market value for your property at an accelerated rate. Selling your home, your land, or your "stuff", we have multiple options designed to fit your needs.

CALL US. We're nice folks, really. We'll answer your questions and give you some ideas. If it looks like we're the right company for you, then we can talk about contracts. Until then, we'll just enjoy meeting you and having a pleasant conversation. Our office is located right off of I-25, at exit 161 in Monument. We have a Kuerig - we'll gladly buy you a cup of coffee. Just stop in to say hello.

We're here to help. Local Expertise with National Exposure. No one sells the country like United Country.


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Asset Sales and Brokerage Services

We provide the controlled and timely transfer of assets through competitive bidding.

Vehicle, Personal Property, Business Liquidations and Downsizing, Estate Disbursements, we can do it all.  Experts at Government Surplus Auctions, we served the City & County of Denver for over 32 years as their exclusive auctioneers. 

About Us

Founded more than 30 years ago, Schur Success Group is a two-generation Colorado Auction, Fundraising, Appraisal and Real Estate company with an eye towards the future.

We conduct government surplus auctions, estate auctions, real estate auctions, and much more. We have expert personal property appraisers on staff. We also are a full-service real estate company selling lifestyle properties through our sister company, United Country - Schur Success Realty & Auction. 

Schur Success Group is staffed by trained, licensed, certified, and award-winning auctioneers, appraisers, real estate brokers and support staff members.


Can we help you find something?

General Terms and Conditions

Please note: These Terms and Conditions are representative of those in a typical auction.  Please remember, you will be bound by the specific Terms & Conditions specified in each auction for which you register, bid and participate.

These Terms and Conditions constitute a CONTRACT between you, the bidder, and us, the Auctioneer.  Do not submit any bids unless you understand and agree to ALL of the terms of this contract.

United Country – Schur Success Realty & Auction; Schur Success Auction & Appraisal; and Schur Success Benefit Auctions shall be known individually and collectively as “Auctioneers”, or “Auction Firm”. 

All bidders must be 18 years of age or older, and provide identification as verification upon request. All bidders and others attending / participating in this auction agree that they have read these terms and agree to be bound by and abide by these terms thereby. Bidder and his or her agents and employees agree to assume all risks of damage to person or property.  Bidder and his or her agents and employees specifically release and forever indemnify Auctioneer, its employees, agents, and assigns, from any liability and causes of action.

All property is sold “as is, where is” without any warranty or guarantee, expressed or implied. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS, EXCHANGES or REFUSALS. As the highest bidder, you are the buyer and are bound by the terms and conditions of this agreement and sale. The BUYER assumes full responsibility for any item purchased AT THE TIME IT IS SOLD, including the security of the item(s). Though we will do our best to maintain security of the items, there will be no refunds for stolen or missing items once the Auctioneer announces, “sold”.  In no event shall a bidder or buyer hold the Auctioneer responsible for having made or implied any warranty or merchantability or fitness for any specific purpose.  

The Auctioneer is acting solely as an agent for the Seller. The Auctioneer shall assume no liability for representations made, or information provided by the Seller. The Seller reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids. This is a Public Auction and as such, all qualified bidders may bid, including Schur Success owners, family members and employees.  

Bidders are encouraged to inspect all items before bidding. Public inspection & preview information is posted on our website for each sale. 

Bid cards and bidder registration numbers are issued solely to individuals and are not transferable. Others are not authorized to use your bidder registration. Should you allow others to bid under your number, you will be fully responsible for all bids they make as though you made them yourself. 

The sale price recorded by the auction clerk on his or her record sheets, either on paper or electronically, takes priority over all other records and shall be the official sale price of the item sold.

Removal of any and all items shall be at the expense, liability and risk of the purchaser. All property must be removed within the time period announced by the Auctioneer for each auction. Property not removed within the announced time period will revert to the Seller for resale or disposal, without refund or recourse to the bidder. Property not removed shall be considered abandoned and no refunds shall be issued. The Seller, at his or her discretion, may choose to have unclaimed items removed or disposed of at the expense of the Bidder who failed to collect the items. By participating in this auction, you agree to pay the removal costs of any unclaimed items that you won in the auction.

Announcements made at the time of the sale take precedence over conflicting announcements or postings. The Auctioneer reserves the right to determine bidding increments at his or her discretion, and may reject a nominal or fractional bid. The Seller and the Auctioneer reserve the right to withdraw items from sale before or during the auction without prior notice.

Persons attending the auction during preview or inspection period, the auction, or during the removal period assume all risks of damage, injury, or loss to their person and or property, and release the Auctioneer and the Auction Firm from liability thereof. Neither the Auction Firm nor its principals shall be liable for any defect in or condition of premises on which the auction is held. The Auction Firm is acting solely as the agent for the Seller and is not responsible for any acts or omissions of its principals.

Should any litigation or mediation be commenced between the parties to this agreement, concerning this agreement or the associated auction, the bidder / buyer agrees that the court shall award the prevailing party all reasonable costs and expenses, including reasonable attorney's fees. 

The bidder / buyer agrees to reimburse the Auctioneer for all expenses incurred in the collection of any unsatisfied debt in conjunction with this auction. 

Bidder agrees that this agreement shall be governed by the laws of the state of Colorado and hereby grants sole jurisdiction and agrees to submit to the personal jurisdiction and venue of a court of subject matter jurisdiction located in El Paso County, Colorado.  Both parties waive any right to a jury trial and hereby agree to a bench trial before a judge.  This agreement shall be governed in all respects by the laws of the State of Colorado.  If for any reason, a court of competent jurisdiction finds any part of this agreement to be invalid or unenforceable, that part will be enforced to the maximum extent permissible to affect the original intent of this agreement.  If a part is found to be invalid or unenforceable, the remainder of this agreement shall continue in full force and effect.  Such invalid or unenforceable part will be deemed severable from the other parts here and will not affect the validity or enforceability of the remaining parts.  

Any Bidder who fails to perform as required under these terms and conditions may be banned from this or any future auctions. 

By registering for any auction, the bidder agrees to be added to the Auctioneer’s email list. If you choose to unsubscribe, please follow the link at the bottom of each email to update your notifications. 

The Auctioneer records all live auctions via video, audio, still photography, or a combination of all three. The Bidder grants the Auctioneer permission to use these recordings and or images for any purpose. 

Vehicle Auctions

Vehicles are sold “as is” with no warranty. The Auctioneer does NOT inspect vehicles, and makes no claim as to the condition of any vehicles.  Some vehicles may be described as “started” or “ran”. This is for informational purposes only, and is a representation of a past occurrence. There is no warranty or guaranty that the vehicle will start or run again. Bidders should not make buying purchases based on this information. 

Unless otherwise announced, sales taxes are NOT assessed at the time of sale. Sales taxes will be paid when the vehicle is registered at the DMV. 

Unless specifically announced, vehicles are sold on a “Bill of Sale” only, and title is not provided nor guaranteed. Obtaining a title is a transaction between the buyer and the Department of Motor Vehicles in the county where the buyer plans to register the vehicle(s). 

Unless specifically stated, vehicles are sold without a 30-day permit or any emissions testing. Vehicles are sold as “tow away” only, and no temporary permit will be provided. 

Minor mechanical work may be done on the grounds, limited to changing or inflating tires, and jump-starting the vehicles. No other mechanical work is to be done on the property. 

Vehicles not removed in the announced timeframe will be subject to additional towing and storage charges, billable to the winning bidder. There is a minimum storage fee of $75 per day. Towing fees start at $250. 

DOR Vehicle Auctions

The Department of Revenue will provide documents authorizing the seizure and sale of the vehicle, which would be sufficient for the buyer to register and obtain titles on vehicles purchased at auction. Should there be any difficulty in obtaining paperwork, the Auctioneer will not intervene. Buyers will be referred to the Department of Revenue. 


Payment is due immediately at the conclusion of the auction. A Buyer’s Premium will be charged to all items.

Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express will be accepted with matching photo-identification.  By participating in this auction, buyers expressly agree that they will not “charge back” or “deny” a credit card purchase.  The Buyer’s Premium shall apply to all sales.  Unless you contact our office prior to the close of the auction with an alternative form of payment, the credit card that you register in the online bidding system will be charged at that time.

Buyers will be provided a bill of sale and additional paperwork upon payment. 

Checks will NOT be accepted unless accompanied by an “Irrevocable Letter of Credit” from a recognized bank within Colorado, AND, approved ((no less than 24 hours prior to the beginning of (live) / prior to placing any bids in (online) )) the auction. Third-party checks will not be accepted under any circumstances.  

Wire transfers will be accepted from US banks only, and must be completed immediately following the close of the sale. No paperwork will be provided until the payment posts to our account. 

There is a $35 service fee that will be assessed for any credit card that is declined for a purchase. 

Sales Tax

Sales taxes will be assessed based on where the items are physically located. Bidders who wish to claim a sales tax exemption MUST provide a copy of their tax-exemption certificate PRIOR to placing any bids. Sales taxes will NOT be credited back should the bidder fail to pre-register their exemption. 

Pick-Up / Shipping

Items may be picked up at the Auction Office during designated times unless you indicate you would like the items shipped.  Items not picked up during the designated pick-up times will be deemed abandoned and will revert back to us with no refunds.  

Shipping will occur with 14 business days following the close of the Auction when available.  Shipping and Handling Costs: Call for Quote on Shipping & Handling when available.

On-Line Auctions

Neither the Auctioneer nor the Seller shall be responsible for any failure of any electronic or internet systems to accept or register a bid. Registered bidders must create a password that prevents others from using their account. Bidders are responsible for ALL bids placed under their name and password.  This is a Public Auction and as such, all qualified bidders may bid, including Schur Success owners, family members and employees.

Online auctions use a “Dynamic” ending process.  If a bid is received in the last few minutes before the scheduled closing of an item, the timer on that item will extend, and will continue to extend each time a bid is received. Once the bidding stops, and the timer runs out, that item will be eligible to close. In some cases, items are “linked”, keeping one item open for bidding when a different item in the auction has been extended due to active bidding. 

It is the Bidder's responsibility to determine condition, age, genuineness, value or any other determinative factor of all items.  Auctioneer may attempt to describe the merchandise in advertising, on the internet and at the auction but makes no representations.  In no event shall Auctioneer be held responsible for having made or implied any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.  Auctioneer does not guarantee any appraisals, gradings or certifications.  If you have any questions about the merchandise, ASK THEM BEFORE BIDDING.  Bidders shall be the sole judges of value.  It is Bidder's responsibility to determine if any item is legal where they live.  

By placing a bid, Bidder acknowledges that her or she has inspected the items to his or her satisfaction or chooses to not examine them at his or her sole risk. Even though an item may display as "sold" on the internet, no sales are final until they are certified by the Auctioneer and the bidder receives an invoice.  Auctioneer reserves the right to cancel any or all sales and resell the items in whatever manner he or she chooses.

Bidding increments are automatically adjusted based on the chart provided for each auction, and are subject to change at the sole discretion of Schur Success. 

Bids cannot and will not be removed or altered, unless in the opinion of the auctioneer, the bidder can establish that the bid was an obvious typographical error. 

Vintage Toys

Vintage toys are sold with a PRIMARY USE as collector items for display purposes and as such are not recommended as play items. Many vintage toys do not meet today’s safety standards, as they may be coated with lead paint, contain lead or are made entirely of lead (eg. toy soldiers), and others may contain phthalates (chemicals put in plastic to make them more pliable), or be a choke hazard. 

Bidder agrees that to comply with the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act and affirm they are buying these items as collectibles for display purposes only and have no intention of either using or selling them as play toys to be used for play by children in any way. Bidder further agrees to assume all liability and responsibility for disregarding this warning and letting children play with any vintage toy purchased from Auctioneer, and to hold harmless the Seller the Auctioneer, his employees, agents or assigns, in the event of injury, harm or death to anyone as a result of any vintage toy purchased from Seller.


The Auctioneer holds a current and valid Federal Firearms License (FFL) and will comply with all laws federal, state, and local.  Though we may sell firearms that are legal in our jurisdiction, they may not be legal in the bidder’s jurisdiction. It is the sole responsibility and obligation of the buyer to ensure the legality of a firearm in their jurisdiction.  A thirty percent (30%) re-stocking fee will apply if a firearm purchased cannot be possessed in the buyer’s jurisdiction and must be returned to our inventory. 

Firearms must be picked up in person at our office in Monument, Colorado, or can be shipped to an FFL dealer of the bidder’s choosing. Firearms shipped will incur a $20 transfer fee, per firearm, plus shipping. Firearms and all associated shipping and handling costs must be paid prior to shipping. The buyer is solely responsible for complying with firearms laws in the jurisdiction where the firearms will be received.  The buyer must notify the recipient FFL dealer of the transaction before the Auctioneer makes any shipping arrangements. 

Buyers wishing to pick up firearms in our office must make an appointment. Buyers will be subject to a mandatory CBI background check for each auction, though multiple firearms bought at the same time will require only one such check. The buyer will pay the cost of the background check as required by CBI. Valid identification will be required. Purchases must be paid in full prior to a background check being conducted.  If a buyer fails a background check, the Auctioneer shall retain the firearms less a thirty-percent (30%) re-stocking fee. 

Straw purchases are absolutely forbidden. If the Auctioneer has any reason to suspect that a firearm will be given/sold/transferred illegally to a third party, he must, by law, refuse the sale and report his suspicions to the proper authorities. 

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