Live feed of the IAC Championship

Want to hear the best of the best in the Auction Industry?

Right now, the finalists are competing in the International Auctioneer Championship at the NAA Conference & Show in Columbus, Ohio

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What are all those funny words auctioneers say?

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The auctioneer uses a “chant” that is designed to be rhythmic and enticing. 

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Why do people like to collect die cast cars like Hot Wheels and Matchbox

The Mattel, Inc. first debuted Hot Wheels cars in 1968 and have producing them ever since. In fact, many of the collectors who love hot wheels have cars that are older than they are!

Matchbox die-cast cars were introduced a decade earlier in 1953, by British company Lesney Products, now owned by Mattel, Inc. They produced die cast cars and action figures. 

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