...from the planning stage to the event night, dealing with Rich & Shannon Schur at Schur Success was a delightful and rewarding experience. With the help of Schur Success Auction Services, (our organization) doubled its profits from the previous fundraiser. Their efforts convinced our Board of Directors of the value of a professional auctioneer for our future charity functions.

Jen C.
Operations Coordinator

This year we made more money than we have ever made, and, perhaps more importantly, we had the most fun! Attendees said they LOVED coming!

Becky H.
Winterfest Auction Chair

... not only were they entertaining, they helped us raise much more money than we had anticipated.

Steffen M.
Auction Committee

...a full-service operation offering fundraising and event coordination tips as well as advice on how to stay calm for your big day! They are fun, funny and always available to help solve whatever crisis comes your way. I won't ever do an auction without them.

Amy A.
Executive Director

Having Rich as an auctioneer at the 2017 Latinas Honoring Latinas gala for the Latina Safehouse made our fundraising efforts that evening a great success.  He made it fun but never lost sight of his goal to help us raise much needed funds for victims of domestic violence.

Romaine P.
Board of Directors

We were thrilled to have your support...Bottom line: it was a blast! Schur Success Auctions has to be involved again next year!

Lynnzy M.
Executive Director

Our fundraising experience with Schur Success grew beyond our expectations from start to finish.  I was impressed with the time their team invested in meeting and planning with us pre-event, they were meticulously prepared, calm and confident on event day. That they were open and willing to accommodate the special customs that make our event unique was refreshing and much appreciated.  The on-stage dynamic between Rich and Shannon was both entertaining and effective as a variation to the traditional live auction, and their enthusiastic auction spotters also did a wonderful job of encouraging bidding and moving the evening along.  Much to my surprise, our post-event experience with Schur was equally as rewarding.  The team took time to address our feedback and clearly have a genuine interest in helping organizations improve their events year after year.  We’re thrilled to have a vendor of this caliber in the Front Range area, and would recommend to other organizations that partnering with Schur is one of the best investments they could make in their next auction fundraiser.

K. Pappas
Development Manager