The 7 Secrets

The 7 Secrets

Do you want your event to MAKE MONEY? Do your constituents want to HAVE FUN? Would it be fantastic if your guests RAVE about your event? Would CONTINUOUS SUCCESS be amazing to have?

The Ultimate Success of your Fundraising Event depends upon these 7 key elements to all come together in harmony.

​Right People
There are KEY people that MUST be invited to every event to increase your revenues

Right Stuff
Auctions are about BUYING. The right number, variety, and quality of things to sell is essential

Right Venue
Having the right location and the right amenities available will make your event seamless, fun, and profitable!

Right Agenda
The timeline for your event, including when your event is held, can make or break your success

Right Volunteers
Your people make the difference, Having the right volunteers and staff, doing the right things, is essential

Right Marketing
What you say, how you say it, who you say it to, and when you say it, dramatically impacts your bottom line

Right Professional Benefit Auction Team
You’re not in this alone. Schur Success Benefit Auctions is in the business of helping you succeed. We are dedicated, professional experts who become part of your team, connect with your mission, and help you create an event that’s a Schur Success. You’ll MAKE MONEY, MAKE FRIENDS and leave a POSITIVE LASTING IMPRESSION with your supporters.  To learn more about how a Professional, Certified Fund Raising Auctioneer can help you create a Schur Success fundraising event, click here for a free, no obligation initial consultation.