Schur Success Group 40th Year - Toby Keith

February 8, 2024

Toby Keith’s “I Love This Bar”

As part of our 40th Anniversary celebration of the Schur Success Group, we’re recalling some significant events from our past.

For more than 33 years, we held the contract as the Auctioneers for the City and County of Denver (CO). During this time, we handled the sales for the Sheriff’s impound (vehicle) auction, the police evidence and bicycle auctions, the annual Bison Auction for the Denver Parks Department, and sales for the Treasury Department when businesses were seized for not paying their taxes.

The Treasury Department only brought us in as a last resort when negotiations with business owners failed to result in a settlement agreement. When that happened, we were called in to sell the assets to offset the unpaid taxes.

On October 30, 2015, we did just that at Toby Keith’s “I Love This Bar” in Denver. Though his name was on the door, Toby Keith was not an active partner in running the bar. The owners managed to rack up over $70,000 in tax bills and had numerous other creditors at their heels.

We sold everything in the bar, including the mechanical bull, to a single bidder who offered a high bid of $125,000. The surplus over taxes owed was paid to other creditors.

Sadly, according to an article on (, the company operating Toby Keith’s restaurants was run by a mob-connected gangster who used the restaurants to launder cash and commit wire fraud.

The Arizona Republic wrote a story about this auction on Oct. 5, 2015, and can be read here:

We are saddened by his passing, and we send our condolences to Mr. Keith’s family.



January 19, 2024

Let's Start at the Beginning...

As part of our 40th Anniversary celebration, we’re sharing stories about our company and our team. But we wouldn’t have a company at all if not for our founder, Ray Fenter. 

Ray wasn’t always an auctioneer. In fact, he started out as a US Marine and was active duty serving in Okinawa as a crew chief on helicopters and flying box cars.

After his time with the USMC, Ray found himself in the auto sales business, starting as a salesman and working his way up to owning dealerships in La Junta and Westminster, Colorado. As a wholesale car buyer building inventory for his dealerships, he attended auto auctions.

As the story goes, one day he was at an auction and noticed the ringmen (bid spotters) were missing folks trying to bid. Ray jumped in and started ringing to help the auctioneer.

Ray was truly a people person and was able to connect with the bidders as well as the staff. They offered him a job, and he was so intrigued by the auction business, he decided to pursue auctions as a career.

Ray attended North Western School of Auctioneering, and was on his way. He and a few partners purchased a wholesale auto auction company in Denver and ran that successfully for a few years.

After selling his share in the business, Ray started expanding auctions to assets other than used vehicles. He began conducting consignment auctions, and landed a contract with the City and County of Denver, selling surplus assets and the sheriff’s impounded cars. He also began working with the Colorado Departments of Transportation and Revenue. The City of Denver contract was a mainstay of the business for more than 33 years.

Through the years, some of his biggest projects included selling houses to clear the land to build Denver International Airport, and when DIA was completed, Ray sold off the assets of the now-closed Stapleton airport. He also sold the assets of the old Mile High Stadium and the McNichols Arena.

During this time, Ray started selling storage units and conducting auctions for non-profits.

Throughout the majority of his time at the helm of Ray Fenter & Associates, Ray was joined by his wife, Kelly, who helped run the office. They were the first company in Colorado to employ computer software to run auctions, which was then a state-of-the-art DOS program.

Ray’s daughter Shannon joined the company and when Ray and Kelly retired to Arizona in 2004, the company transferred to Shannon and her husband Rich, who renamed the company Schur Success Auction and Appraisal (more on them later).

Kelly passed away in 2008, and Ray stayed in Lake Havasu, AZ, where he was incredibly active in the Marine Corp League, and continued running auctions for non-profits.

Ray passed away in 2023, but his legacy lives on. In 2023, the company he left behind sold more than 25,000 items in over 130 auctions, sold millions of dollars worth of real estate, and conducted dozens of appraisal projects.


January 08, 2024

Welcome to our 40th Anniversary Celebration!

We are so excited to have reached such a major milestone, with 40 years in the business. We owe it all to you, of course, our buyers, sellers, and vendors, who have supported us along the way. And we couldn’t have done any of it without our incredible team.

Throughout 2024, we will be celebrating by sharing stories and some of our history and featuring our amazing team members.

We have seen a great deal of change over the years, and we expect to continue to change to meet the needs of the marketplace.

Our Founder, Ray C. Fenter (1936-2023), had a background in the car business when he chose auctions as a new path. As a result, he created Ray Fenter & Associates. The company worked with the City & County of Denver, the Colorado Department of Revenue, and the Colorado Department of Transportation. Over the next 40 years, we served clients throughout the state, and even clients in other states. We are proud to have served state and local governments, school districts, municipalities, and more. And we still do.

We expanded our services to commercial liquidations, estate sales, self-storage lien auctions, fundraising and benefit auctions, and even real estate. We were proud to sell off assets for the old Mile High Stadium, McNichols Arena, and even the old Stapleton Airport.

Ray started the retirement process in 2000, and his daughter, Shannon, took the helm. In the next few years, Shannon married Rich Schur, and together they renamed the company Schur Success Group.

The company relocated its offices to Monument, Colorado in 2006, where it has been since.

The Schur Success Group was one of the first auction companies in Colorado to embrace online auctions and has been a leader ever since.

Coming soon: Ray Fenter: Car Guy, Marine, and Auctioneer...

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