Meet Our Team!

April 26, 2024

Meet Alex!


Celebrating Alex Beasley: Ranger of The Year!

Today, we proudly recognize one of our own, Alex Beasley, for his outstanding achievement as he is named "Ranger of The Year" at Lewis Palmer High School. Alex, a junior, has not only excelled academically, but has also demonstrated exceptional character, leadership, and service to the community. Throughout his time with us, Alex has proven himself to be a dedicated team member, always willing to go the extra mile to get the job done. His positive attitude and kindness towards others have made him a respected figure within our community,  brightening the room wherever he goes. In addition to his academic pursuits, Alex is actively involved in extracurricular activities such as varsity football, where he serves as a Nose Guard, demonstrating his commitment to teamwork and excellence on the field. He is also a leader in RAD (Rise Above Drugs), a program aimed at providing safe alternatives for students on Friday nights, and participates in the Sources of Strength program, promoting mental wellness and support within the LPHS community. Outside of school, Alex's dedication to service is evident in his involvement with the Tri- Lakes Dynamic Rotary Club, where he frequently volunteers at community events and programs.

We could not be prouder of Alex and his well-deserved recognition as "Ranger of The Year". His achievements not only reflect his individual efforts but also serve as an inspiration to us all. Congratulations, Alex, on this remarkable accomplishment—we look forward to witnessing your continued success and positive impact on those around you.

RAD events are put on by students, for students, and are a way for high school students to have fun on Friday nights. By offering an alternative to parties, RAD keeps students safe while still providing them with the social events they enjoy. RAD is a program that was started by Palmer Ridge student Brandon Pappas to change the culture of drugs and drinking that is pervasive in many high schools across the country. The program currently has chapters at Palmer Ridge High School and Lewis-Palmer High School.

Sources of Strength - The mission of Sources of Strength is to empower whole-student wellness and prevent suicide by increasing help-seeking behaviors and promoting connections between peers and caring adults. The program uses fun-filled meetings to connect in open discussions about the very real problems that youth face, and then design and implement campaigns that spread hope, help, and strength to the LPHS community.




April 18, 2024

Meet Rich!

Meet Rich Schur, our Chief Operating Officer, whose journey into the world of auctions is as interesting as it is diverse.

Before joining our team, Rich had a varied career, from running an HR Consulting Company to teaching as the Dean of Criminal Justice at a local college. Originally from northern Illinois, Rich has a background in law enforcement and higher education.

About two decades ago, Rich made the move to Colorado, where he met Shannon, our CEO and owner. Despite initially knowing little about auctions, Rich dove into the business with Shannon's guidance, eventually closing his HR business to focus full-time on auctions.

In 2005, Rich graduated from the Worldwide College of Auctioneering, and the following year, he became the Colorado Rookie Champion auctioneer. With Shannon's support, he took on leadership roles within the Colorado Auctioneers Association, eventually becoming the Colorado State Champion Auctioneer in 2010.

Rich's commitment to learning led him to earn various industry designations and serve on the Board of the National Auctioneers Association (NAA). Shannon encouraged Rich to become an appraiser and despite some hesitation, he compromised (wink wink) and embraced the role of appraiser, earning certifications such as the Graduate Personal Property Appraiser (GPPA) and Master Personal Property Appraiser (MPPA). He’s now a primary instructor for the GPPA program.

Outside of work, Rich enjoys amateur woodworking in his spare time, turning big pieces of wood into toothpicks. He also serves as the Board President for Tri-Lakes Cares, a local Human Services organization. He is also a staff instructor for America’s Auction Academy in Texas, and for Worldwide College of Auctioneering in Iowa. Rich Schur is more than just our Chief Operating Officer; he's a dedicated professional with a passion for auctions and community service.


March 15, 2024

Meet Andrea!

Andrea is one of the smiling voices you'll hear when you call our office (or smiling faces when you stop in). We don't really have a good title for her, but she pretty much does whatever we need done. She's an integral part of our team. 

In her words:

"I have a love for theater and all things creative and love to spend my free time with my family (human and furry). I’ve been at Schur Success for about 3 years and have filled many different jobs since I’ve been here. I typically occupy my days with marketing and administrative tasks, but have earned the title of "That Girl" and fill in wherever needed! … But the jewelry is my favorite."

Be "Schur" to say hi when you stop in!


March 1, 2024

Meet Amanda!

Amanda is typically the welcoming face you see when you come to our office and the friendly voice you hear when you give us a call.

Here’s Amanda in her own words:

“Hi! I’m Amanda! My official title is Chaos Wrangler…I love it and think it's perfect. I grew up in Texas and Connecticut. I moved to Colorado in 1991 and have lived up and down the Front Range, from Greeley to Pueblo, making Monument my home in 2006 (want to talk chaos, take a look at our weather on this ridge).

I have two wonderful children finishing up their college education. I have done everything from managing a health food store to running an office that audited/processed telecommunication bills for Fortune 500 companies, to running a high school…

Chaos is just another word for adventure - you never know what your day has in store for you. I love being a part of Schur Success Group; we have a great team. I get to meet wonderful people through our auctions and get to see incredibly cool stuff.”



February 15, 2024

Meet Mina!

Mina (Aminah) has been part of the Schur Success Team for over 3 years and serves as our consignment and drop-off team lead. She is based in our Monument office and takes charge of all of the items dropped off that we sell.

Mina is one of the friendly faces you’ll see when you stop in to pick up your winnings or drop off the items you’re consigning to our auctions.  She is our first set of eyes on everything we post to our auction websites.

She is part of the team that trains our new members and ensures control over all the items in our catalogs. At Schur Success, we pride ourselves on accuracy and quality, and Mina takes great pride in our finished product.

Our team processed over 250,000 photographs last year, and Mina, at some point, saw them all.

When she’s not taking care of business here (with a smile I might add), she’s committed to her family and friends.

Make it a point to say hello the next time you stop by! 


February 02, 2024

Meet Shannon Schur!

As part of our 40th Anniversary celebration, we’re sharing stories about our company and our team. Just as we wouldn’t have a company without Ray Fenter, our founder whom we featured in the last article, we wouldn’t be where we are today without our current leader, Shannon Schur, CAI, BAS, CES, GPPA.

Shannon is not only our CEO, she’s Ray’s daughter and a second-generation auctioneer. Shannon joined Ray in the company in the fall of ’95 and worked with both Ray and her mom, Kelly, in the office and helping out at auctions.

At Ray’s urging, in June of 1996, Shannon attended Western College of Auctioneering in Billings, MT, and was the only woman in the class. She says she learned a lot about auctions, cowboys, and cattle in that time. After returning from school, she took on more and more responsibilities within the company.

After Ray and Kelly retired, Shannon took over the company and was later joined by her husband Rich (more on him later).

Shannon also became involved with the Colorado Auctioneers Association as a Director, and eventually became President and Chair of the Board. After leaving the board for a few years she later returned as Treasurer, has served as an instructor for the association, as well as volunteered for many committees, projects, and events over the years.

In 2012, Shannon was recognized by her peers in the Association with an honor only bestowed upon one other woman in the Association’s history and was inducted into the Auctioneer’s Hall of Fame.

As a Master Auctioneer, Shannon is known throughout the industry as a leader and an advocate for female auctioneers, which though improving, is still predominantly a male occupation. For years, she has served as a coach, mentor, and instructor to auctioneers across the country.

Shannon has earned several designations from the auction industry including Certified Estate Specialist (CES), Benefit Auctioneer Specialist (BAS), Graduate Personal Property Appraiser (GPPA), and one of the most prestigious designations as a graduate of the Certified Auctioneers Institute (CAI).

For Shannon, it is not all about the work, though she still loves it after all these years. She is a Charter Member of the Tri-Lakes Dynamic Rotary Club, where she serves as the Chair of the Fundraising Committee. She loves supporting local organizations and volunteers at Tri-Lakes Cares. She has served as Director and an advisory board member for the Youth Transformation Center for well over a decade.

When she’s not working or volunteering, she loves to paint, and enjoys spending time with her dog Kota Bacon, hiking, and traveling to new destinations.

For more information:
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