Why Schur Success?

Schur Success Benefit Auctions

Schur Success Benefit Auctions has been creating profitable auction events for more than 25 years, serving both the fundraising and business communities. We PAY FOR OURSELVES long before we ever call a bid.

If you’re looking to:

  • Make more MONEY
  • Have more FUN
  • Work SMARTER
  • ENTERTAIN your guests, and
  • ENERGIZE your event

Then you need to call us now! We work with many of our clients for a full year before their events to ensure they have a Schur Success.

Schur Success Benefit Auctions is here to help you and your organization MAKE MONEY. We do this by partnering with you and your team, and looking for each and every possible way to generate revenues through your live, silent, and on-line auctions.

We deliver Benefit Auction Excellence through our team of trained Auctioneers, Bid-spotters, Benefit Advisors, and through our partnerships and affiliations with other vendors and providers. We are a FULL SERVICE Benefit Auction Company! Of course, this is all included in your investment.

We’re among the first in the nation to earn the coveted BAS designation, or Benefit Auction Specialist, through the National Auctioneers Association. This means we have the most current, advanced training in the industry, and we use our knowledge to help you grow your revenues.