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OOPS! If you’re selling your home, don’t make these 10 mistakes!!

OOPS! If you’re selling your home, don’t make these 10 mistakes!!

10. Incorrectly pricing your home. 

9. Leaving your junk lying around.

8. Leaving the place completely empty. 

7. Hiding the flaws, or failing to disclose issues.

6. Don’t make it impossible for people to see the home!

5. Using bad photographs. 

4. Failing to make necessary repairs. 

3. Not looking for the win-win.

2. Failing to understand the closing process. 

1. And of course, NOT hiring a professional. 

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Lessons learned from Russell Crowe’s “The Art of Divorce” Auction

Lessons learned from Russell Crowe's "The Art of Divorce" Auction

Several months ago, Sotheby's Australia announced the April 7, 2018 auction of personal effects Russell Crowe acquired during his near 15 year marriage to Danielle Spencer. Crowe's "Art of Divorce" auction could be easily be viewed as a media spectacle.

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What is a “dynamic” or “soft” auction closing?

What is a “dynamic” or “soft” auction closing?

In a live auction, the auctioneer decides when the bidding ends on each item, but usually only when the bidders stop competing with each other.  With “timed” or “static” on-line auctions, the auction loses this element. When the timer runs out, the bidding ends. Period. Even if someone else is still ready to bid.

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