Why use a professional broker to help you buy a home or land?

Using a professional broker to help you buy a home or land – it usually costs you nothing and can save you money, time and headaches.

It’s easy these days to “shop” for a home. Internet searches will help you look at homes, prices, neighborhoods, and even the schools and amenities in the area. You can even take virtual tours on-line. The shopping part is easy, or is it?

Most professional real estate brokers have access to an MLS – Multiple Listing Service. It’s an incredibly powerful search engine that can often better refine your searches.

Brokers can guide you through the complicated process of making offers and understanding all of the disclosures, timelines, rules, regulations, and complex processes.  They can prepare all the necessary documents on your behalf.

Most importantly, we act as your advocates. We offer advice. We can research things you need to know. We can give you the pros and cons of your decisions.

The best part? The commission paid to a buyer’s broker are almost always paid by the seller, so it doesn’t cost you a thing.

Now, rules may differ from state to state, but if you have questions, call us, The United Country - Schur Success Team. We’ll help you. We’ll give you a free initial consultation. If you’re looking to move out of town, call us anyway – we’ll help you find a qualified broker wherever you’re headed. 

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