Clearing Out a Loved One's Home - The Process of Downsizing and Transition

Clearing Out a Loved One’s Home - The Process of Downsizing and Transition

Clearing Out a Loved One's Home

This is a difficult task, not only logistically, but emotionally. It’s hard to look at the memories and then have to figure out where they go.

There are some things that will make this process much less difficult.

Long before the day comes when your loved one must move, start the planning process.

  • Your loved one would like their kids and grandkids to have their “stuff”. Often, they don’t want it.
  • Meet with your loved one and discuss what you’d like to keep and what you don’t want – give them an idea of what they will need to dispose of elsewhere.
  • Document their thoughts and wishes so there’s no fighting when the time comes to act.
  • We recommend talking to an estate planner or attorney, or other similar professional. There may be legal and tax consequences and liabilities in transferring assets.
  • When the time comes to actually downsize, call us – we’ll help you understand what has value that’s worth selling, what’s good for donation, and what needs to be discarded. Of course, we can help you sell the assets, too.
  • Sometimes, an appraisal is necessary for tax, estate, or probate purposes. Make sure you find an USPAP (Uniform Standards of Appraisal Practices) compliant appraiser. Or call us, as we are not only compliant, but we have a USPAP instructor and master appraiser on staff.
  • Don't forget that the home may need to be sold as well. Work with a Real Estate Professional to ease the burden and make the journey a smooth one.  We have a number of brokers on staff ready to help you.
  • Don’t put off the conversation. If you wait until “crunch time”, emotions will take over and you’re likely to have a more difficult time.

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